Where Do McVay and L.A. Go From Here

The Rams were looking to rebound from an embarrassing offensive performance in which they scored only 6 points, which was the least amount scored by Los Angeles in the McVay era. Heading into Sunday night, Los Angeles went into the Coliseum undefeated at home and facing a depleted Philadelphia team who went into the game viewing it as a must win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Los Angeles was favored by 13.5 points, the largest point spread in the NFL for Week 15. Instead, Los Angeles came out flat and continued the downward trend as the NFL regular season winds down. Jared Goff has continued to struggle and turn the ball over as the Los Angeles offense hasn’t been able to get back on track since the bye week. McVay has proven time and again to be an incredible hire with great playcalling and an offense mind that is unmatched despite the offensive shift in today NFL. McVay must get the Rams back on track and get them right before the Postseason hits. Or else it could be a divisional round exit for Los Angeles which would be a disappointment considering the talent on the roster. McVay must get Goff and Gurley back on track, Goff has gone from an MVP candidate to an average quarterback showing glimpses of his rookie year. Now could this all be a bit of an overreaction? Sure but if Los Angeles doesn’t right the ship they could be one of the most talented teams in recent memory not to at least make a run in the NFC. This will be another test of how good of a coach Sean McVay is. Will we see a continuation of the young talented head coach succeed in the NFL? Or could this be McVay’s kryptonite? 

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay

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